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Player Name:Zs1
Personal LJ: OvermanZs1
AIM Contact: OvermanZs1
Character Name: Formerly known as: DJ RGNK, Dr. RGNK, ZatoNichi, ZN2, Z2, Doktah R, Doktah Z (you can finnd albums and collaborations under each name!)
Currently known as: Zatonichi
Real name: Argi Enkei
Source Canon: Super Robot Wars: Unlimited Generation @lpha
Community Tag: zatonichi

Notes: I'll likely refer to him as Argi in the app, it's shorter.
Argi is completely, 100% clinically blind. Not a trace of sight. To make up for that, he almost always has an assistant around. This assistant takes the form of a female NPC going by "Lady Hilde", a woman who wears a full suit of plate mail (much like Alessandra). Walking, she makes a LOT of noise, so there's no sneaking up on anyone.
Thanks to his time with Adventus, Argi has implants in his eyes that grant him a form of echo location. This, accompanied by the noise of his assistant's armor, allows him the concept of sight; general shapes and blobs to indicate objects, for about 10 meters before visibility fades. Any motion that does not render a sound though, is completely outside his scope of sight, so things like handshakes, ninjas, and colors are way beyond him.
Due to the nature of his mecha fighting style, there will be permissions post in place to ask if people do or do not want to have their feelings swayed, in either a positive or negative manner. Most things geared towards allies will be akin to the popular seishins in SRW games which are normally self-targeted only (Hot Blood, Valor, Soul, Snipe, Focus, etc) or similar to Lelouch's "Command" in SRW Z2. Technically speaking, it would be like "inspire greatness" from D&D, where it simply increases their odds or ability to do something. He is VERY MUCH a support-unit, so expect a lot of @ and #.

Argi was born legally blind, so, from there he was simply raised as if he were fully blind; braile, walking sticks, friends or parents sticking around to help him. Save for one off incident, he lived the average life for someone who was blind.

Said incident was the 'genius' idea he and his friends got from a particular cartoon show. Apparently reflecting light into one's eyes cures blindness. And they all sure as hell tried, which resulted in burning Argi's retinas, rending him fully, darkness-of-night blind.

But life still remained normal for him. It was in grade school he took to Norse mythology. Reading a book on an intro to various mythologies, it was during the Norse chapters he felt that the braille of the book was 'damaged' as many of the letters were haphazardly thrown together. Of course he had to investigate this further, and things led into a fascination not just with pronouncing these crazy words, but everything behind them.

Argi also took to music, as, other than reading, his non-schooling activities were limited. Hoping that he would grow up to be a prodigy akin to Beethoven, his parents put him on the piano. He was decent, and he liked it. As time went on, he moved up from the standard concert piano to more digital outlets; keyboards, and when technology hit it's point, programs that were, fortunately, blind-friendly, which allowed him to further explore different sounds.

It was in high school that he got into 'hip hop' as friends would start asking him to compose 'beats' for them to rap along with. And said beats were phat. Following along with the hip-hop crowd, he got into mixing, and spinning, and spent most all of his free time either looking for new books on Norse mythology, or developing new music; weither or not it was used by his 'crew', he didn't care.

As a lesson in one of his standard classes, Economics, a chapter on advertising was covered. Subliminal advertising, which used quick flashes of images or underlying layers of sound to suggest people think or feel a certain way; urging the sales of certain products. Of course, included in the lesson was the abolishing of certain advertising, as, it wasn't ethical. But this led to curiosity, and Argi began experimenting with his music, testing just at what point could he actually tell a person to do a certain action with his music.

It came to fruition, as his first experiment was amongst his crew. He developed a looping verse that said 'take yo shoes off', and after the third repeat, he found his friends doing just that. He noted and memorized the decibel level in which that worked and kept on. Eventually, this was put into play on a friend's demo with a record company. Not only did it land his friend, William Ray, a job, but Argi as well. It was some famous rapper inside the industry that gave Argi his first nickname: Zatonichi; he 'cuts' phat beats, and being blind, "he's like the second coming of that blind samurai niggah" (quoted).

As his carreer progressed, Argi took on many variants of the name, alongside Will, and explored many genres of music, making himself famous, one way or another, among several genres and record labels. One trend was certain; anyone who he collaborated with made it big on those singles or albums. His fame rose to the point that he was offered more than just record deals; sponsorship and brand endorsement. Soon, he even had his own brand of equipment he called "Jallerhorn". It was that trend that led Adventus to turn to his aid.

Two years into his music career, Argi was recruited as a PR agent for Adventus (alongside William, whom was not just his friend since early high school, but was the one guy willing to stick around and help him get around). Upon joining Adventus, they took on new aliases; DJ RGNK (Ragnarok) and MC Low-Key (Loki). Some of the Adventus soldiers had trouble grasping it and referred to him as DR RGNK, which, soon stuck. He was provided the highest in technological advancements they could provide, as well as implants into his eyes which did grant him some limited visibility. But, not everyone saw eye-to-eye with Adventus's ideals, so he was given a mech as well, which was also given a similar studio set up that he'd become accustomed to. But rather than physical components, everything was digital and holographic components, projected screens and buttons over a terminal which worked in tandem with his optical implants, and hand motions. Still, he never neglected he classics; keyboards, as well as analog record players.

Adventus and it's Downfall
Unfortunately, three years into his term with Adventus, he'd grown bored, and felt his style was getting stale, as it was almost exclusively used to sway the masses into supporting Adventus, rather than making music for his own enjoyment, or, otherwise swaying them to just feel good. A little at a time, Argi started planning a plan of escape, looking through the terms of his contract and what he had at his disposal. When talks of the White Chalice started milling about the soldiers of Adventus, he figured that might be his way out.

Adventus went to Argi with a plan of their own; to test the limits of these subliminal messages and try a form of brain washing. They'd plant a mole on the ship somehow, and keep tabs on them until it was absolutely necessary to take that faction out of operation. Hua Cheng Kwan was just the one unlucky guy that Argi picked for this project; downtrodden and riddled with a good deal of trauma. Along with the plan of creating a mole, Argi tried something of his own; tampering with the memories of people given the right frequency of a certain message. It was... at least a partial success; as we've seen with Cheng's events playing out and his lack of memory for certain things his enemies know. Even the plan to create a mole succeeded, as seen during the last rush of the Adventus plot (All this has been approved by Jockey as well)

Argi had ulterior motives with this plan for a mole as well. His plan to get out of Adventus was a slow plan, which allowed for him to actually start liking his contract once again, should that happen. When it came down to a heated conflict with the Chalice crew, Argi could sway Cheng into 'killing' him, and staging his own death in the process. However, what wasn't in the plan was Argi taking an interest in the Chalice crew themselves. The new plan slowly shifted towards putting him in their number, but, there was still the risk to his life, both at the Chalice, and Adentus's hands.

As we saw, most of this played out to success: Cheng had his hand in reporting their units to Aventus, as well as helping in the capture of several members of the crew. However, parts of this plan were outside Argi's sphere of knowledge. While William was fully in on Argi's plan of escape, he'd taken it in a direction of his own, which, would completely spare any risk to Argi's life. The original plan was for the Skidbladnir to go down in combat with Low-Key and RGNK escaping. William changed the plan to completely remove Argi from the cockpit of the Skidbladnir. Setting up a similar equipment system set on a hydraulic platform, Argi would never know he wasn't on the mecha until it was far too late, meaning William could put up a far more convincing fight against the Chalice.

On this end of things, someone would need to take over watch on Argi in order for him to proceed on with life properly. This came down to his troops; several of which were true, die-hard fans of Argi/Zatonichi/RGNK's music, and not just working with him because that's what orders were. Courtney Carpenter was the one lucky solder that was assigned the special role of sticking with Argi from here in. She kept watch over Argi in his replicated cockpit while William fought. Argi failed to suspect anything until William was killed at Cheng's hands. He heard final words, and the pilot's seat exploding but he was still in tact himself. It was just as Courtney had revealed herself and started to explain things that an explosion within the Adventus base went off nearby. While neither of them were in any given danger, Courtney put herself in harm's way for Argi's sake; his implants lit up, leaving the blurred image of a winged woman in the direction of the blast.

Strangely enough, Argi took this as a sign that he'd been saved by a Valkyrie (what he'd read them to be), while listening to Courtney fill him in on the new plans William had set into motion. He regretted that he failed to notice, but, gave William credit for coordinate it all behind his back, in tandem with his own plans. That hiccup aside, Argi would proceed on with the plan, replacing William (Low-Key) with Courtney (now aliased as "Lady Hilde", after a noteworthy Valkyrie from mythology).

The next step was to get himself aligned with the Chalice, where, at least from here, he could make music freely, and still travel the world to spread it; even though not everyone on the ship would really get along with him. Better they feel their own feelings than what he thinks they're ordered to. Spreading the word and putting a call out to his fans, Argi, as Zatonichi once again, manages to rally his fans world, and colony, wide to pitch in and contribute to a new mecha, which would be put to use in not just protecting the world, but spreading his music.

In some ambiguous fashion, he meets up with Jeremy, with whom he conspires to put themselves in the White Chalice's favor.

Personality: Argi is likely going to be the most chill person on the ship. Even before he got into music, he was rather relaxed. "I don't hafta see all the troubles of the world, so I don't have all that extra stuff to stress me out" he says, which is easily true, but, it's not the only reason. While he does have his music to fall back on, really, any kind of music, he also partakes in cannibus. One of the few things that does get to him is being interrupted during making music for something that is completely unrelated to music. Being called to battle doesn't fall into this category.

While he makes no effort to warn people that he's blind, he'll speak about it as if everyone was supposed to know before hand. Of course, in doing this, he often takes advantage of his state to have a little fun, mostly with 'running into' females. "Sorry, I'm blind, I didn't know you were there." On occasion, he WILL use his blindness to burden someone else, if he feels the need for some kind of payback is in order; using questions like "What are colors?"

As you'd expect, music is Argi's "Number 1". There's nothing in the world that could be prioritized above it, even his own life. Music has been most of his life, even leading to a career, and now, even granted him what little ability to see that he has. Like many artists, Argi feels stifled when given too many parameters to work within with his music. After years with Adventus, he grew bored of what kind of music, and what messages he was supposed to carry with it. It's like a a breath of fresh air and renewed inspiration now that he's free to compose as he sees fit.

Part of the reason his mech is a two-seater (technically) is that he won't leave the battlefield when his life is in danger, so long as his equipment continues to work to any degree. And even there, he refuses to leave his equipment behind, having to have been drug away from concerts that turned into active battlefields. The only blame he puts on the Chalice crew during the Adventus beef, is destroying the equipment he had on the Skidbladnir. And even then, thanks to his fans, the Hlidskjalf has better, more up to date equipment, so, it's water under the bridge already.

In all his years knowing the frequency for subliminal messages, he's only ever directly controlled one person with his music; that being Hua Cheng Kwan. He has no interest in REALLY having a nation full of musically driven zombies, so, he leaves his messages as simply suggestions, or feelings. During his Adventus time, his pro-Adventus material was simply 'This seems like a good idea'. during speeches where he played background music or 'Dropping your weapons is probably smarter than fighting' during battle. Now that he knows he can really direct a person's actions, he'd rather not resort to it.

Lastly here, Argi will NOT apologize for anything he's done to the Chalice crew (particularly Cheng). He won't deny what he did, and he won't try to pass the blame "Ooooh, Adventus made me do it, pity me, the victim, here", but he won't apologize. Should punishment befall him, he'll take his licks like a man and move on. His only regret in the whole situation is that he never saw (no pun) William changing the plans, and he (Low-Key) lost his life for it.

Brief personality for Courtney/Lady Hilde
Being one of Argi's fans, she was happy to take up the role as his new noisemaker/psuedo-eyes. After all, it meant following around a musical legend around, so, there wasn't much more danger to it than sticking around with Adventus, or any other given military unit. On the outside, Courtney plays the character of some battle-hardened woman who's seen years of combat in her face; much like a Valkyrie. However behind that, she's just your everyday 'sweet' girl, a side only she shows Argi in private.

Courtney is almost always around to have her armor making noise, or calling out the visually obvious. Also, she pilots the Hlidskjalf. There will be nary a case where she will be alone and intractable on her own. She doesn't even get her own tag!

Capabilities and Resources: Argi has his own brand of musical equipment; Jallerhorn. With the funds from those sales (both being a former Adventus icon, DJing legend, and now a motivational force amongst the WC) the man is unquestionably rich. He will offer his money to barter for supplies.
As explained, Argi knows the exact frequency in which sound can be heard on the subliminal level, and retains this, and abuses it through his mech piloting. He can completely change the way enemies and allies think, and feel, given a weak enough will (and player/mod permission at that). This will, unlikely, be used outside of combat itself.

Robot Name: Rave Advent 2DX "Hlidskjalf" (Odin's Throne)
Yes, this is hard to say, acceptable alternatives are "Odin's Throne" "IIDX" and "2DX".
Robot Description: Unlike the 80 meter monster that was Skidbladnir, Hlidskjalf is only 60 meters tall, and a quadruped unit at that. The design is an efficient mixture of the former Skidbladnir, the limited edition Rave Advent units, and the ZGMF-X12 Astray Out Frame. (Skidbladnir's legs [], the Rave Advent's body and color [], and a large backpack attachment used as the 'Home' striker pack seen here [])

Hlidskjalf is a two-seater robot in the loosest sense. While Lady Hilde moves the machine itself around, Argi remains in his studio where he produces and plays music, mixing on the spot as necessary. Most of the backpack's housing space contributes to the studio itself, which is the same size as any other large record label's studio (if you've seen Metalocolypse or Big Time Rush then it's about the size of these). From there, there is a small housing unit that has been used during his touring looking for the Chalice. The rest of the space is a hydroponic garden, leaving them to be self-sufficient for a while on their own, as well as supplying him with his smoking hobby.

Massive speakers are mounted in place of it's shoulders, as well as smaller speakers in the face, chest, and abdomen. Stylistic plating on it's legs allow them to fold in such a manner that all four legs in proper alignment will make for a performance stage, similar to those at outdoor festivals, rather than the stadium-sized platform Skidbladnir could form.

Unlike the fully unarmed Skidbladnir, Hlidskjalf harbors a classic platinum sword and shield for melee combat, which, seems to be Lady Hilde's preferred style of combat; despite that impacts and combat movement severely disturb Argi's ability to properly DJ. If it has to resort to combat, the most of the subliminally-imbued music will stop. Both armaments have a slight anti-beam coating so they can stand up to the more modern beam sabers and rifles. As an emergency alternative, if the music can continue playing, the massive shoulder-mounted speakers can produce enough vibration in the air to both act as a barrier, and as a sonic projection (basically a ripple in the air used as a ranged impact attack)

Terrain Stats:
Land: S
Air: D
Sea: A
Space: C

Job: DJ and producer.

Suggested Event List:

The M*F*'in' triumphant return of Adventus (not a working title)
Enemies: The Inspectors
Requesting Hua Cheng Kwan and Fate Testarosa as far as Argi's CR goes.
The jist of thing is that The Inspectors have come to Earth to wreck shit. Chalice is first on the scene to fend them off (or) The Inspectors attack the Chalice directly. As the Chalice is getting beat down, and morale is at an all-time low, two former enemies (Zatonichi and Jeremy) come riding in, Trombe-style to save everyone's ass, and make good that they really AREN'T evil people! Or some stuff like that. Steam and I will get all the details worked out eventually.

Enemies: Skidbladnir BOOTLEG (blue copy of Skidbladnir, but, smaller still.) (X) obscure suits, namely, and mostly the Gedlav + Einrad wheel, and Mobile BuCue
Some nutjob fanboy thought that, with DR. RGNK "dead", he could make a killing if the whole stunt was a PR thing and if the DR. came back to the spotlight, he could make millions on his crappy, sub-par mixes.
The real deal gets wind of this, and mobilizes to crush him the only way he knows how; ROCK OFF!
Unfortunately, it won't be so simple, as the fake RGNK has dozens of remote-controlled mobile suits to attack Zatonichi while he's performing. Musical-related backup highly preferred.

Sample Post:
Argi ran his fingers over a nearby milk crate, quickly finding the braille label. He passed over to the next one and nodded silently, flipping through records; his pride that thought would be lost in the Skidbladnir had William now switched things around. Finally finding one he wanted, the vinyl disc came out of it's cover and was carefully placed on an already-spinning turntable. Some long forgotten opening riff to some metal band blared on the speakers before it was rewound, by hand, then repeated.

Argi's other hand flipped over a few dials and switches, adjusting volume as he kept repeating the opening riff. Distortion came into play next, until it was at just the right level he was looking for. Waving his hand around in the air, toying with a holographic display, the bit was recorded before the file was slid off into some corner. However, just before he set his fingers down onto a keyboard, the floor panel under his feet vibrated, prompting the DJ to remove his headphones.

"I just got the latest on the Chalice." a feminine voice spoke through the intercom.


"Well, they're somewhere in like, South America, but, more importantly a bunch of disasters just popped up world-wide. And then they all stopped when something near where the Chalice was was killed."

"Anything I've heard of?" Argi rose an eyebrow. Knowing the kind of things that came to this planet, and the kind of things that seemed cosmically drawn to the Chalice and it's crew, maybe it was...

"No, nothing Norse, sir."

"Oh... damn. Well, they'll be alright, right?"

"The ship seems to be on the move again, sir."

At that, the DJ smiled and put one of the cup-sized earphones back on, holding it in place. "Any clue where they're headed?"

"No sit, but, it's probably a safe bet to stick around here and wait for them to pass by, now that they're back in the atmosphere."

Sliding the other earphone back on, Argi started pecking rhythmically on his keyboard again. And soon, he stopped when the plate vibrated again.

"What, not going to say "Good job" or anything?" the girl huffed on the other side of the speakers. Argi just threw up a free hand with a thumb up, making the girl groan and cut off the intercom.
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A pair of teens wearing gas masks and reflect tape for clothing lead the man off into a tent somewhere behind the stage. After a few minutes of being guarded here by other raver-esque security guards, he's led inside another room connected to the tent.

Once shoved in, a red light goes on over the door, LED's lighting the sign reading: "Recording".  A rather mellow beat pumps into the room, one man standing at a set of turntables and keyboards, while another with wild hair stands with headphones on, arms folded, staring the soldier down.

selected userpic "Yo yo yo my brotha.  We ain't heard from ya in a hot minute.  We glad you made it, brotha.  As you see, the good Doctor is a bit... pre-occupied at the moment.  So... how about you give us that little report, ya huurd me?"

Something about the music is familiar, making something click in the back of his mind.  It is time for his report, isn't it?


Nov. 20th, 2009 05:57 am
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Seriously, is it going to be night the rest of the time here? Isn't it supposed to be cataclysmic for the world to just stop turning?
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W-what the hell! Is this some bad video game or something? Freaking... zombies... everywhere.

Look! Everyone get like... ugh... guns or something. Lots of them. Don't bother getting in with your swords unless you want to be one... OKITA. Well... unless you're Kazuki or something...

((He calls him out only knowing he's from the samurai age, not what he is))
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Damnit! That wasn't supposed to even happen! How does picking a pin up even start a fire! I didn't know how to use it!

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**So, Neku's been dwelling on what Beat informed him of. He has the mental capacity to grasp the angle of different timelines and whatnot so, he gets it... but one thing he's not getting, and this is all you're going to get out of him... randomly**



Jul. 23rd, 2009 02:19 pm
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**Video clicks on after a while, though seems like a bit's been doing on for a good while. Neku's hunched over, panting a bit. There's beads of sweat here and there and singed trees around him.

Taking a deep breath, he stands upright and charges a tree, throwing a rather familliar looking volley of punches (someone already here does something like it).**


Jul. 6th, 2009 09:14 am
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I really prefer my era y'know?

**Neku's walking through an alley, looking at what his generation would call graffiti. Though, by the 20's it's just poster, after poster, after poster of advertisements.**

I know the difference between art and trash and... This is just trash all over the walls.

**Neku grabs a poster and rips it off the wall, hand dragging across to a second and third poster.**
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I've been sitting here for a couple of months, staring at my phone. I keep expecting something to come up but... I'm just not getting anything.

I can't help but wonder, what would have happened that second week? I wonder if Shiki really made it back...
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This is... great.

One house, 4 strangers. I kind of know who one of them is... and one of them is pretty cool I guess but, the point is, I'm stuck in here. Didn't some kid say they're NOT inside one of the houses? Are there any doors on these things? Can we get out at all?

I'd just not rather be forced around people...
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God damnit...

I keep hearing stories and... someone want to fill me in on the last week? Last I heard people were switching genders?

Oh... yeah... Okita... Any luck with that forest thing? I found your wolf thing... and, I don't think he likes me much? (Probably the Noise's quills or something)
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Yeah, it's one thing to send us to school or whatever but seriously, the flooding? That's... Shouldn't they do something to look out for their pets, or whatever we are to them?
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So... another guy with that ability showed up. Thinking about it, they're a lot alike. I think the circumstances are different. Maybe I should've paid more attention. Whatever...

I found a video of me tagging... I didn't think I had any skill in that. Probably looking at Cat's stuff all the time... That might be it...

I want to make more sense of me 'being here before'. Can anyone give me a straight answer without making me play guessing games... OKITA.
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School huh?

I found a video of me tagging. I never did that while I was in school. Just what kind of school was that?

And... what's with this jellyfish looking thing on this pin. What's that all about?

Vidja post

Apr. 25th, 2009 02:38 am
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**Neku turns on the video feed deliberately. There's a can of spray paint in one hand, and the usual headphones on his head.

Now, if anyone wants to watch him for the two hours it takes, he's there, spraying away with this color and that. It takes a good two hours just to put this up. He stands there and stares at it for a while before picking up the computer thing and walking off.

What he doesn't do, is turn the feed off, so as he's walking along, certain things may catch your eye, like the benches, and the secured trashcans, and fences, and classrooms, and the big SIEBEN HIGH SCHOOL sign out front.**
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Easter huh? So this theme part celebrates western holidays?

Whatever... I don't really care for chocolate anyway. I could've done without the ants.

But... Why was there a Pin in one of the eggs?
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Great... another week.

Why aren't I in Shibuya though? What kind of Technicolor forest is this? Is this a Western theme park or something?

And what's this computer even hooked up to anyway?
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Swing Bishop huh? Where'd this pin come from?

Matter of fact, what happened to last week? Did I completely blank out for a week?
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Now I ain't the law, but I hear that ya'll got some reel troublemakers 'round these parts. Iffin the law ain't gonna step up, then I reckon I'mma hafta take things inta my own hands...
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...there it is... Sweet Talk Teather... god I hate that name...

Top Gear... yeah... that'll work..., I wish I had some kind of freaking database on these things... Electric Warning... Is that defensive or what?


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